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A Funeral
         I'm a bad person. I know that for sure. I'm standing here looking around as if nothing happened. It's not an appropriate behaviour during a funeral of somebody who was so close to you.
         I don't feel any emotion. No grief, no sadness. Hell, it would be even better if I were happy about it. That would mean I'm not indifferent to the whole situation. But no, nothing. I don't even try to show others that I care. That would be pointless anyway. They all seem to avoid me as if I were invisible. Well, they've always hated me. „Black sheep", they say. I don't blame them, though. It is me who doesn't feel anything during a funeral, is it? I know that I am able to feel emotions. In general, I mean. But now? Nothing at all and I don't feel like it's going to change. And you know what? I wouldn't like it if it changed. Damn, that's just sad. I'm happy about not feeling anything when a person who knew me best is being buried. But di
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Merry Christmas :D (a.k.a Christmas Gift #2) by xJir0x Merry Christmas :D (a.k.a Christmas Gift #2) :iconxjir0x:xJir0x 3 4 Merry Christmas :D (a.k.a Christmas Gift #1) by xJir0x Merry Christmas :D (a.k.a Christmas Gift #1) :iconxjir0x:xJir0x 0 11
So what am I going to tell all those people who want to watch the world spin on my finger? Am I going to burn like a moth? Am I going to try finding a better place? There's no sense in looking for an answer. The answer is already there. It's in the sound, in the colour, in the patterns. It is giant and malevolent. Are we there to kill each other or is it just a simple illussion made to eliminate all of us? Nobody is sure. Nobody CAN be sure. It is of giant proportion, like a flag or a leaf during a storm. You never know what you're going to get until it happens. Visions of the world that is just black or white seem to understand what I've been doing throughout all these years. Trying to stop the insanity. You see the result here. As I'm drowning in the sea of questions, buried deep in the sand of sanity. I'm too sane. Too sane to be sane. What more can happen now? Death? Reward? Eternal happiness? Nothing of the sorts. Blackness, nothingness, vast space of nothing at all. This silence
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5 Years
"Five Long Years"
        Five long years did he wait. It was the anniversary, it was now or never. He had spent five years in this flat, he didn't leave even for a moment. Well, it's not like he didn't have any reason. The thing is, his girlfriend was killed exactly five years ago, a shot to the head. The murderer had never been caught and the police didn't have any idea who would want her dead.
        He knew better, though. Few years earlier they both testified against a man who had caused a car accident in which a family of four had died. A manslaughter, one might think, these things just happen, don't they? No one holds such a grudge for a testimony. Well, at least that is not enough to kill somebody deliberately. That's what the police told him after his attempts to tip them off. But deep inside he knew. It was that guy. Being released from prison just a few months before his girlfriend's murder, how
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Hello fellow deviants (try saying that in a pub)!

I need you. Your answers actually, but you'll get it in a moment. I'm writing my linguistics paper and I need people from the USA to fill a tiny survey. Here are the reasons why you should do it:

-it won't take you too much time,
-it may make you rethink your life choices,
-you have an unique opportunity to be a part of a sociolinguistic experiment and it may not happen again,
-you are doing something really tedious and need a break? Here, fill this survey. You will have a moment to think about your life while having a break and I'll have the important data from you! It's a win-win situation and everyone is happy!
-it will probably take you less time than reading all of this,
-why not?



So here, the survey:…

Thanks ^^
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